Wedding Officiant
Pastor Kate
Congratulations, you're getting married!
I'm Pastor Kate, a non-denominational Minister in the Albuquerque area.  
I write unique, poignant, romantic, customized wedding ceremonies.
This is a very exciting time for you! It's also filled with stress now that you have so many
people to tell and so many arrangements to make. I will create a personalized wedding
ceremony for you. Your ceremony will speak from the heart and reflect to your family
and friends who you are. Every couple is unique and deserves a ceremony that honors

I perform many different kinds of ceremonies.  Some are traditional and others not so
traditional. I've performed some wonderful themed weddings, does Halloween sound
like fun? Whether you want a small intimate ceremony with just family and close friends
or a large elaborate ceremony, an elopement, a commitment ceremony, or a
re-affirmation of your vows I will help you make it special. I am frequently available on
short notice for elopements, and very small ceremonies.

So many things to decide, where do you start?

One of the first things you should do is find an Officiant.  There are many sites
Officiants advertise on, but please do remember that while those site will tell you " you
can contact an Officiant for free!" it will be free for you to send the request BUT those
sites charge a fee to the Officiant to obtain contact information for you so that they can
get in touch with you about your wedding.  Many Officiants cannot afford to pay those
"lead fees" and you will be disappointed when they do not contact you.  Try to always
contact the Officiants you are interested in directly, you'll have more luck finding one
you can work with.

So many people wait until the last minute to look for one, only to discover that no one is
available on the date and time they have chosen.

Imagine not being able to find an Officiant after you have paid all your deposits to your
vendors (most are not refundable) and you've sent out your invitations only to find that
there is no one who is available to perform the ceremony for you! What a dilemma!
What do you do? Have the big party anyway? You've already paid for it. Or do you
cancel everything and reschedule the entire wedding and reception for a later date
when you have actually booked an Officiant, even though you will lose money?  It is a
dilemma I have seen many times, and I just don't have any good advice to deal with it
other than not to put yourself in this position. That is why I recommend finding and
booking your Officiant as soon as possible once you have set the date and chosen
your venue.

When searching for your Officiant try to remember this old saying: "You get what you
pay for." This statement is true in so many things - the quality of your flowers, your
cake, the reception food, the ceremony venue, and yes, your Officiant.

You want to have a beautiful ceremony that will allow your family and friends to feel how moving it is, to them, as well
as to you. These memories will last your lifetime. You want someone with a friendly, confident, and professional
manner. Call several Officiants. Don't just price shop! Interview them over the phone during your first contact with
them.  This will allow you to determine if you really want to take the time to meet with them in person before you make
your decision about who to hire. You may find that you don't like their personality, or attitude. Or you may find out that
they have a very limited ability, or none at all, to give you a personalized ceremony instead of the same generic
canned ceremony hundreds of other people have gotten. There is nothing unique in that.

As far as your actual ceremony is concerned, these are just a few of the decisions you'll need to make:

Do you want a short and simple ceremony or large and elaborate one?
Perhaps you always thought eloping would be romantic.
Do you want to have your ceremony indoors or outdoors?
What time of the year would you prefer to have your wedding - Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?
Do you have children you would like to include with a ceremony of their own within your ceremony?
Do you have a church you would like to have your ceremony in?
Perhaps you have a favorite park or restaurant that has special meaning to you that you would prefer to use as your
Would you like a religious ceremony or a non-religious (civil) ceremony?
Do you want to write your own vows?
Are you nervous speaking in public? (consider this if you think you might want to write your own vows)

So many questions, so much to think about!
Time to get started!

Military personnel (combat active and returned) are given a discount, please present your Military I.D or your DD-214

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